Intermodal Container Service is a young, ambitious, independent company, generating and able to implement difficult logistic tasks. Our team knows supply chains very well, so we can find optimal freight transportation solutions for your business and we are ready to manage your needs professionally and effectively.

Marine containers transportation

Our main activity is transportation of marine containers by rail and road. The company focuses not only on Lithuania, we also have interests in Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and other CIS countries.

The main idea of our business is to make freight transportation in containers environment friendly, safe and cost-effective by using multiple modes of transport.

Our mission is to provide the supply chain participants with added -value generating products.

Railway is one of the most environment friendly transport branches. It consumes up to ten times less fuel than transportation of the same freight by road. New environmental ideas put into practice in the field of transportation may be helpful in railway development as well as in incorporating other transport modes.